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Gridics Expands Market Coverage to Los Angeles, Dallas, Austin, Denver and More

3D development feasibility software and API available in more major cities; opportunity search to follow

For Immediate Release:  June 25, 2019

Miami, FL – Gridics LLC, a Miami-based real estate tech and data company, today announced the expansion of its real estate development analysis platform to include six more major cities.  The Gridics platform allows users to calculate and visualize, in 3D, the development feasibility and capacity of a parcel or assemblage of parcels, inclusive of complex considerations like zoning overlays, use specific allowances and parking requirements.

The Gridics platform is used by real estate developers, investors, brokers and municipalities.  Launched two years ago, Gridics started with Miami before adding New York City and a number of other cities that contract to use the platform in their zoning and planning departments.  With this announcement, Gridics platform users can now analyze parcel-specific zoned development opportunity in Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, Austin, Orlando and Kansas City.

“Parcel-specific zoning data and attributes are used in numerous areas of the multi-trillion-dollar real estate vertical and is a major driver of development decision making as well as valuation,” says Jason Doyle, CEO of Gridics.  “Yet given the broad written structure of municipal zoning regulations, determining how zoning regulations apply to specific parcel shapes has always been a manual process, resulting in laborious research costs and permit approval delays.  Our technology delivers this important data in real-time.”

In the coming months, Gridics plans to add Chicago, Detroit, Tampa, Jacksonville, San Antonio, El Paso and Washington DC.  In addition to individual application use, enterprise users can utilize the Gridics API to pull real-time property zoning data such as applicable zones and overlays, maximum buildable area, maximum footprint, allowable addition, height, density, setbacks and more.

“After years of development, our engine and data has been pressure tested by many different city zoning departments,” says Doyle.  “We are now aggressively scaling our coverage into all the major markets and in doing so are amassing an ocean of proprietary real estate data that we will leverage to drive smarter development and investment decisions while creating greater efficiencies across the real estate spectrum.”

As Gridics expands the coverage of its calculated development data footprint, it is working with leading commercial brokerage firms and developers to deliver a first-of-its-kind development opportunity and site-selection search.  Users of this new app will be able to search for properties based on the Gridics development potential data and gain unique insights into untapped property values.  It is expecting an alpha launch later this summer.  To gain early access, send an email to

About Gridics:  Gridics develops data and software applications in the area of real estate development analysis and interpretation.  For more information, visit

Gridics Expands 3D Zoning & Development Analysis Software to New York City

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MIAMI, June 20, 2018 — Gridics LLC, a Miami-based software company, today announced the expansion of its 3D Development Analysis Platform to New York City.  This platform allows users to select a parcel or assemblage of parcels on a map and in seconds visualize in 3D the development allowance according to the regulations in the written code; a process that traditionally takes weeks and costs thousands of dollars.

After starting with the City of Miami last year, Gridics has begun expanding their 3D zoning code management platform to more cities including Fort Lauderdale and now New York City.  Gridics is a browser-based application that helps developers and commercial brokers quickly understand parcel-specific development potential inclusive of uses and parking requirements while also allowing for creation of customize usage scenarios such as residential, office, lodging or mixed use.  Subscribers can assemble multiple adjoining parcels, generate branded PDF property zoning reports and even share the project publicly with non-subscribers to view on a browser based 3D map.

“We are thrilled with our expansion of our 3D zoning code management platform to the largest real estate development market in the world,” said Jason Doyle, CEO of Gridics.  “The inability to easily interpret, visualize and understand site-specific development potential due to complex written zoning regulations adds significant costs and inefficiencies to the real estate acquisition, development, analysis and funding process.  Our patent-pending geospatial rules engine unlocks those complexities at a site-specific level to deliver a common means for cities and their real estate community to easily visualize and understand how zoning impacts each property.”

Gridics comprehensive zoning code management platform also includes applications for cities to deliver real-time code text updates to the public as well as an interactive 3D zoning map product.  In addition, many cities are using the platform in their planning and zoning departments to quickly analyze the impact of proposed projects, test zoning code changes and expedite development plan reviews.

“Gridics has literally cracked the code with their 3D technology,” says Daniel Lebensohn, Managing Partner of BH3, a Manhattan and Miami based developer.  “If you’re a developer or broker in NYC and don’t have the ability to quickly analyze opportunities using the Gridics engine, you are falling behind.”

As a special launch offer and to encourage usage and feedback, Gridics is allowing trial users in NYC to upgrade to their top tier package, Expert, at the price of their entry level package for a limited time.  To learn about the platform, please visit

About Gridics:  Headquartered in Miami, FL, Gridics develops unique data and software applications in the area of real estate zoning analysis and interpretation.  For more information, visit

City of Fort Lauderdale, FL Adopts World’s First 3D Zoning Code Software Application

Miami, FLGridics LLC, a Miami-based real estate tech startup, today announced a partnership with the City of Fort Lauderdale, FL to adopt its 3D zoning code management platform.  The Gridics software application is an interactive 3D digital zoning code program that is designed to improve the efficiency and transparency by which cities can manage, change and communicate their zoning code regulations.  Once the software is fully implemented with the city’s code, citizens will have access to more detailed, property specific zoning allowance data and paid subscribers will be able to run customized development feasibility scenarios.

By adopting this technology, the City of Fort Lauderdale’s Department of Sustainable Development will add a smart 3D modeling solution to support its urban design, planning, and development application review process.  Gridics’ patent-pending application combines the measurable requirements of a zoning code with property records, parcel shapes and mapped zones.  This provides users with a 3D interactive digital mapping software to help conduct feasibility studies, scenario plans and site plan reviews by assigning descriptive code characteristics such as allowable heights, setbacks and other dimensional requirements to building forms to visualize development outcome scenarios.  The Gridics application will allow planning staff, policy makers, and the public to visualize the effects zoning regulations and zoning changes have on the existing built environment by imagining build-out scenarios or proposed zoning changes.

“Our partnership with Gridics is an example of the innovative investments we are making to improve services for our neighbors,” said John P. “Jack” Seiler, Mayor of Fort Lauderdale.  “The Gridics platform will provide staff with the data they need to make more informed and more efficient development decisions so together we can make Fort Lauderdale an even better place to live, work, play and raise a family.”

“We’re excited to partner with the City of Fort Lauderdale to help them achieve their 3D mapping objectives around zoning and development analysis.”  says Jason Doyle, CEO of Gridics. “Once in place, not only will our software empower the Sustainable Development team at the City of Fort Lauderdale with a robust tool to enhance their operations but it will also be available for private users to subscribe to use in their development preparations and analysis, resulting in streamlined communication between the two.”

To learn more, please visit or register for one of our free and open webinars held every two weeks (

About Gridics:  Headquartered in Miami, FL, Gridics is a real estate technology company developing targeted software applications in the areas of real estate development, zoning and market analysis.  For more information, visit or

Gridics Raises $1.6 Million to Expand 3D Zoning Technology

MIAMI, Nov. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Gridics, a Miami-based real estate software company, announced it has raised $1.6 million in additional Seed capital.  The round was led by BH3, a real estate developer with projects in South Florida and New York City, and Dune Road Capital.  The company will use this investment to accelerate development and sales of its 3D zoning and planning platform to cities and real estate developers.

Gridics was founded on a vision to revolutionize the way cities and real estate developers interact with zoning codes.  By bringing 2D text to a visualized 3D interface the company is streamlining an antiquated process. Earlier this year the company launched a map-based zoning code application and proprietary rules engine that allows users to quickly view a 3D, by-right development potential of a specific parcel or parcels.  In addition, the application enables the customization of usage scenarios such as residential, mixed use, office, hotel or commercial.  Gridics is seeing strong early adoption of the application by city and county planning, zoning and economic development departments as well as developers, architects, commercial brokers and land use attorneys in the private sector.

In April Gridics announced a contract with the City of Miami to use its platform to expedite and streamline the analysis and processing of development plan reviews.  It was then that lead investor BH3 became familiar with Gridics.  “The Gridics technology has become invaluable to our business,” says BH3 Principal, Daniel Lebensohn.  “We are able to identify new development opportunities, quickly run custom scenario analyses and view applicable variances and waivers.  That analysis used to take us days to complete and cost thousands of dollars but can now be handled in a few minutes with Gridics.”

“Since our Miami launch, we’ve seen a very strong response from municipalities, large and small, across the US and even internationally,” said CEO of Gridics, Jason Doyle.  “Gaining the investment support of a leading real estate developer like BH3 after first becoming a customer is the best validation we could ask for.  In the coming months, we will be opening all five boroughs of New York City on the platform and expect to add several direct city contracts.”

Dune Road Capital, the other participant in this round, is an experienced technology investment firm and led a previous round of funding in Gridics.  “We are extremely pleased with the execution by the Gridics team and are thrilled with the initial market response to its 3D platform,” said Peter Richards of Dune Road Capital.  “We believe Gridics is a game changer that revolutionizes the way the real estate community interacts with its workflow.  We are excited to partner with BH3 and believe users wanting to become investors further validates the company’s vision.”

To learn more, head over to www.Zonar.City or visit

About Gridics:  Headquartered in Miami, FL, Gridics is a technology company developing SaaS applications for the real estate marketplace including their digital zoning platform and their hyper-local Market Intelligence platform for agents and brokers.  For more information, visit or

About BH3:  BH3 is an opportunistic real estate firm with a core focus on acquiring real estate in South Florida and New York City. The firm’s portfolio includes Trump Hollywood, 1805 Ponce, Terra Beachside, 6000 Collins, and Fontainebleau Sorrento.  For more information, please visit

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