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Our Mission & Vision


We Help Build Smarter, Better Cities

Our mission is to be the source of record of parcel zoning data for every municipality everywhere in order to help plan, develop, & build better communities.

At Gridics, our technology, products, data, & people are helping build better cities. To achieve this, we developed the ability to determine the development allowance for every parcel of a municipality according to their legal zoning ordinance. In doing so, our technology establishes the first ever zoning parcel record dataset, giving municipal staff, developers, investors, & architects real-time access to parcel specific development allowance calculations & data.

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What we do

We provide municipalities & citizens with unprecedented parcel level data & insights

Real estate data is most valuable at the parcel level. After all, what good is zoning if we don’t know how it impacts individual parcels, blocks, & neighborhoods?

Everything we do at Gridics is in service of facilitating data-driven decisions at the parcel specific level to make development & zoning attributes easier to understand.

Why we do it

We’re on a mission to make zoning easy

Accessible zoning data empowers citizens & developers. It also brings transparency & efficiency to municipal government. The biggest challenges cities face—from affordable housing to transit, resiliency, & gentrification—can be improved through accessible zoning.

By making zoning easy, we at Gridics are having a lasting impact on cities for decades to come.

How we do it

We compliment our patented zoning rules engine with a team of world-renowned planning specialists

The Gridics rules engine digitizes municipal zoning code text, incorporates a wide range of real estate data, & provides insights that can be visually understood in a 3D context.

Our expert team then uses this proprietary data to formulate policy recommendations & shape the future of our partner cities.

Meet the Gridics Team

The Gridics team represents a passionate & diverse mix of experts from the disciplines of urban planning, zoning, architecture, GIS, machine learning, & real estate tech. Our leadership team has written zoning codes all over the world, consulted with hundreds of cities, & successfully exited software & real estate tech startups.

We're passionate about developing innovative solutions to complex problems that help our partners, both in the local government & real estate development communities, achieve their objectives & beyond on a daily basis.

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Jason Doyle

Jason Doyle


Max Zabala

Max Zabala


Mark Frederick

Mark Frederick

VP, Product Management

Luciana Lins

Luciana Lins

Senior Architect & Planner

Shruti Shubham

Shruti Shubham

Senior GIS Analyst

Erin Nelson

Erin Nelson

Municipal Account Executive

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