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Gridics Expands 3D Zoning & Development Analysis Software to New York City

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MIAMI, June 20, 2018 — Gridics LLC, a Miami-based software company, today announced the expansion of its 3D Development Analysis Platform to New York City.  This platform allows users to select a parcel or assemblage of parcels on a map and in seconds visualize in 3D the development allowance according to the regulations in the written code; a process that traditionally takes weeks and costs thousands of dollars.

After starting with the City of Miami last year, Gridics has begun expanding their 3D zoning code management platform to more cities including Fort Lauderdale and now New York City.  Gridics is a browser-based application that helps developers and commercial brokers quickly understand parcel-specific development potential inclusive of uses and parking requirements while also allowing for creation of customize usage scenarios such as residential, office, lodging or mixed use.  Subscribers can assemble multiple adjoining parcels, generate branded PDF property zoning reports and even share the project publicly with non-subscribers to view on a browser based 3D map.

“We are thrilled with our expansion of our 3D zoning code management platform to the largest real estate development market in the world,” said Jason Doyle, CEO of Gridics.  “The inability to easily interpret, visualize and understand site-specific development potential due to complex written zoning regulations adds significant costs and inefficiencies to the real estate acquisition, development, analysis and funding process.  Our patent-pending geospatial rules engine unlocks those complexities at a site-specific level to deliver a common means for cities and their real estate community to easily visualize and understand how zoning impacts each property.”

Gridics comprehensive zoning code management platform also includes applications for cities to deliver real-time code text updates to the public as well as an interactive 3D zoning map product.  In addition, many cities are using the platform in their planning and zoning departments to quickly analyze the impact of proposed projects, test zoning code changes and expedite development plan reviews.

“Gridics has literally cracked the code with their 3D technology,” says Daniel Lebensohn, Managing Partner of BH3, a Manhattan and Miami based developer.  “If you’re a developer or broker in NYC and don’t have the ability to quickly analyze opportunities using the Gridics engine, you are falling behind.”

As a special launch offer and to encourage usage and feedback, Gridics is allowing trial users in NYC to upgrade to their top tier package, Expert, at the price of their entry level package for a limited time.  To learn about the platform, please visit

About Gridics:  Headquartered in Miami, FL, Gridics develops unique data and software applications in the area of real estate zoning analysis and interpretation.  For more information, visit