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Gridics Releases Q1’17 Miami Neighborhood Trends Report

Every day, there’s a new article predicting the rise and fall of Miami’s notoriously complex real estate market.

To make sense of the speculation, we went back to the data.

Not just any old back of the napkin calculations…  The cold, hard, street-level data.  In other words, we wanted to know exactly what’s happening in our own Miami backyard.

Through the Gridics hyper-local real estate platform, we compiled data across key Miami neighborhoods and cross-referenced those trends with news articles, demographic information, and top agent insight.

Our findings can be found in our first-ever Q1’17 Miami Neighborhood Trends Report.

This report is crucial to the future of your business, and here’s why…

1) Know the Neighborhoods — Every Miami neighborhood is defined by its own set of characteristics.  The prices fluctuate differently, the demographics are varied, and most importantly, the way of life and local hotspots are completely unique.

As a real estate professional, you’re expected to be in fifty places at one time.  We know this is an impossible expectation, so that’s why we compiled neighborhood summaries for you in one report.  Consider it a one-stop-shop for the quarterly real estate pulse in major Miami markets.

2) Stay Two Steps Ahead — The best real estate professionals are the ones who understand where the market has been, what the landscape currently looks like, and how conditions will shift in the future.

The power of, combined with our Q1’17 Market report, provides real estate professionals like you with the insights necessary to stay ahead of your clients and competition.

3) Demonstrate Your Expertise — An organized, intelligent report is one thing.  But we’re taking it one step further…

Now, you can brand/customize your own Q1’17 Market Trends report to send to clients.  Imagine generating an industry-leading real estate report with your picture, logo, and contact information and delivering it to clients with just a few clicks.

There’s no better way to demonstrate your credibility.  Provide value in the form of helpful real estate insights.  Be the expert your clients will rely on again and again.

Gridics Closes $1.1 Million Seed Round

MIAMI, April 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Gridics, a Miami-based real estate technology startup, has announced the successful conclusion of a $1.1 million round of seed funding.  The round was led by Dune Road Capital and included noted accredited investors such as John Dyett, Managing Director of Salem Partners, serial entrepreneur Robert Kall, CEO and co-founder of and leading Miami real estate developer Avra Jain.  The company, which has raised over $2 million of development capital to date, is focused on further strengthening its product and driving adoption of its 3D zoning and planning application.

Gridics, short for Grid Analytics, was founded in 2015 with a vision of combining disparate real estate data sets into a single, hyper-local data platform.  From this platform, the company creates software applications that help users make smarter investment and development decisions while streamlining fractured processes in the real estate world.  The patent-pending 3D zoning application, for example, aims to revolutionize the way cities approach zoning and planning analysis while helping to bridge the gap between the private sector development community of architects, developers and attorneys by automating development feasibility analysis and streamlining the lengthy development plan approval process.

“We are thrilled by the reception we’ve received from cities that have been introduced to Gridics,” says CEO Jason Doyle.  “Our new automated compliance module allows cities and developers to quickly check development plans against site-specific zoning requirements.  Cities that integrate their code with Gridics will streamline their zoning approval processes resulting in faster approvals, improved transparency and significant reductions to backlogs.”

In cities across America, the plan approval process commonly takes nine months or more.  The zoning analysis portion is time-consuming and is a frequent bottleneck in the frustrating process.  At the same time, cities are spending millions of dollars on major planning, transportation and redevelopment projects and must determine optimal zoning changes to drive the development growth they hope to achieve.  Gridics attacks these pressure points by digitizing the rules and regulations of a city’s zoning code and combining it with GIS data layers.  This allows users to quickly and easily produce use-specific and geo-specific 3D visualizations of building massings, saving tens of thousands of dollars and months of analysis while improving the accuracy of their results and forecast models.

“Gridics solves a huge problem,” says Peter Richards, managing partner of Dune Road Capital.  “By creating a solution that can digitize and automate any zoning code, the Gridics team has created a way to streamline an antiqued process.  The Gridics application unshackles real estate professionals, and the municipal departments they interact with, from the zoning books they tirelessly flip through.  Because it increases productivity and saves time and money, Gridics has the ability to become the digital and interactive zoning platform that cities and developers have been waiting for.”

Gridics recently announced the beta launch of their Market Intelligence application, which allows real estate professionals to conduct hyper-local market analysis across the Gridics database.  Over 1,000 members of the MIAMI Association of Realtors have joined Gridics since February.  Gridics plans to expand their Market Intelligence application to other Realtor associations in the future.

About Gridics:

Gridics is a real estate data and software development company.  The Gridics hyper-local dataset powers two products, 3D Zoning and Market Intelligence.  Learn more by visiting and www.Zonar.City.

Media Contact:

Austin Rhoads

(919) 414-9206

Company Contact:

Felipe Azenha


(305) 498-9410


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