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Gridics Partners With Mastercard City Possible™ to Bring Zoning Technology to More Cities

As part of its municipal expansion plan across the US and beyond, Gridics has partnered with City Possible™, an initiative pioneered by Mastercard, to provide City Network Members with access to its virtual zoning platform.

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Miami, FL — Gridics LLC today announced the launch of its app on the City Insights Marketplace through a long-term partnership with Mastercard City Possible™.

“City Possible™ is a new model for urban innovation in which a global network of cities, businesses, academics, and communities work together to make the world’s cities more inclusive and sustainable.”

“With over 300 City Network Members, City Possible™ is the perfect conduit through which to bring our virtual zoning technology to more municipalities large and small,” says Jason Doyle, Gridics CEO. “The City Possible™ network provides a wide array of tools, apps, and services for city governments, but to date, no partner application has delivered the level of zoning data we provide. The Gridics engine calculates the most advanced parcel-level zoning data available.”

At the heart of the Gridics platform is its patented zoning engine that combines measurable zoning regulations as outlined in the code with GIS parcel analysis to calculate over 30 data points about every parcel in the city. Once calculated, the city has a foundational zoning property record data set that heretofore has never existed at scale.

Sitting on top of this data is the Gridics zoning information platform which integrates citizen self service tools, realtime code publishing, site analysis, and 3D mapping technology that makes it easy for cities to better service citizens and make smarter planning decisions.

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