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Gridics Joins US Mayors Conference Business Council

Miami-Based Smart Zoning Data & Tech Platform Begins Nationwide Expansion

For Immediate Release: April 21, 2021

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Miami, FL – Gridics LLC, a Miami, FL, based zoning and real estate technology startup, announced today that it has joined the United States Mayors Conference Business Council in support of their national expansion after seeing strong adoption across numerous cities in South Florida. Gridics is revolutionizing zoning, housing and development capacity analysis with its patented zoning calculation engine, providing cities and counties with a unified zoning information platform that combines modern geospatial analytics, mapping, code publishing and most importantly, deep parcel level zoning data. The Gridics platform helps municipal staff virtually service citizen inquiries and makes it easier for developers and investors to more seamlessly do business with its partner municipalities. After launching their public facing zoning platform two years ago, it has been adopted by the cities of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Hollywood, Coral Gables, North Miami and Bal Harbour.

The City of Miami was an early adopter and recently expanded its partnership to make its new Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan available on the Gridics platform. “Our partnership with Gridics has been outstanding, and through the [Gridics Municipal Zoning] platform, we’re providing innovative new tools to the public, while increasing process efficiency and reducing costs,” said Mike Sarasti, the City of Miami’s Chief Information Officer and Director of DoIT.

“We are excited to join the US Mayors Conference’s Business Council to bring our zoning technology and data expertise to cities and counties nationwide in order to help build and develop smarter and stronger communities of the future” says Gridics CEO Jason Doyle. “We are on a mission to bring our technology to every municipality in the country, providing the first ever zoning parcel record data layer for every parcel. Once a municipality joins the Gridics platform and calibrates their zoning ordinance into our engine, they open up a world of data that has never before existed at scale. This data significantly streamlines citizen services on a day-to-day basis and provides a foundation for conducting detailed long range planning analysis to better understand housing capacity, zoning inequities, economic development potential and infrastructure bottlenecks.”

The City of Miami Beach, FL, recently announced the start of a zoning code rewrite and turned to the Gridics platform to visualize their existing code in 3D via the Gridics MuniMap to be able to make it easier to visually convey to citizens and stakeholders the proposed code changes while improving citizen information access in the meantime. “Gridics developed cutting edge technology that facilitates analysis of a city’s zoning ordinance and allows for the visualization of changes in a built environment,” says Carmen Sanchez, Deputy Planning Director, Miami Beach.

About Gridics: Gridics provides real estate data and software applications for cities and counties in the area of zoning and economic development. For more information, visit

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