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City of Cupertino, CA Adds CodeHUB Text Publishing App from Gridics to Round Out Adoption of the Full Gridics Municipal Zoning Platform

After upgrading their zoning map and real estate data with MuniMap & ZoneCheck early last year, the City of Cupertino is now publishing their city ordinance via CodeHUB to deliver a fully integrated experience for their citizens.

For Immediate Release: November 7, 2023

Cupertino, CA — Gridics LLC is proud to announce the expansion of its long-standing technology partnership with the City of Cupertino, CA. Cupertino now provides citizens and staff with access to the full Gridics Zoning Platform, seamlessly integrating parcel level zoning data, rich 3D mapping, and code text into one suite.

Cupertino began its partnership with Gridics by adopting MuniMap to provide citizens with an interactive zoning map powered by the Gridics geo-spatial zoning data engine, which calculates and outputs over 20 parcel-specific zoning & development allowance data points such as setbacks, density, allowed uses, buildable capacity, and more. With the adoption of CodeHUB to publish their city ordinance, Cupertino is delivering a fully integrated zoning information system that connects property details in MuniMap with the relevant areas of the code text in CodeHUB, making zoning much easier for citizens, developers, and staff to understand and interpret.

“The City of Cupertino is firmly committed to harnessing cutting-edge technology for the ongoing enhancement of policy transparency, seamless information access, and an elevated user experience. That’s why we are thrilled to unveil Gridics CodeHUB, an innovative one-stop destination designed to simplify the retrieval of zoning requirements, property particulars, and other municipal code provisions that have a direct impact on our daily lives.”

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