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Say Hello to Your New Zoning Self-Service Portal

Uncover comprehensive, parcel-specific data points in seconds.

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Use ZoneCheck to Access Proprietary Data Including:


Applicable Overlays

Lot Coverage


Floor Area Ratio (FAR)

Fence Regulations


Allowed Density

Allowed Uses

Maximum Height

Connect - Direct citizens to the easy-to-use ZoneCheck self-service search branded to your municipality
Search - Type an address, parcel number, or even search for parcels by allowed use types
Data - Access deep property-specific zoning data like overlays, setbacks, uses, lot coverage, height, & more
Map Layers - Easily activate visual zoning attributes of specific properties to tie it all together

Remote Zoning Data Access for Our Changing Times

ZoneCheck makes it easy for staff, citizens, & stakeholders to access parcel-specific data anywhere, anytime.

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Business Continuity

Manage zoning inquiries from anywhere

Remote Data Access

Analyze parcel-specific data with a few clicks

Telework Capabilities

Virtualize your zoning front counter

Social Distancing

Provide easy citizen self-service tools

Improve Citizen Service &
Reduce Low Value Staff Time

Virtual Front Counter

Reduce citizen calls, inquiries, & visits to your front counter

Improved Staff Time

Give staff back the time they need to focus on higher value projects

Integrated Zoning Management

Seamlessly link self-service tools with code text & 3D zoning maps

Ease of Adoption

Adopt ZoneCheck in 6 weeks or less as part of your routine budget

Click-Button Functionality

Navigate the ZoneCheck interface with just a few clicks

Remote Data Access

Access comprehensive zoning data anywhere, anytime, with any device

The Future of Zoning is Digital

Why spend hours answering zoning inquiries each week?

ZoneCheck makes zoning interpretation & management a breeze.

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