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Cupertino is Latest California City to Upgrade Zoning & Planning Tech with Gridics

Municipalities large and small are turning to the Gridics platform to facilitate transparent development regulations, provide click-button, comprehensive real estate data, and help municipal staff conduct business safely through online services.

For Immediate Release: July 28, 2022

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Cupertino, CA — Gridics LLC announced a partnership with the City of Cupertino, CA which has adopted its next generation municipal zoning platform. By partnering with Gridics, Cupertino will drive transparency for both regular citizens and developers by making it easier to visualize and interpret how zoning requirements apply to specific properties.

The Gridics zoning knowledge platform combines the requirements in the recently amended zoning text with property records, parcel shapes, and the Gridics geo-spatial zoning data engine to calculate and output over 20 parcel-specific zoning & development allowance data points such as setbacks, density, allowed uses, buildable capacity, and more. The unified data and zoning information platform makes it easier for citizens to find answers to common questions while giving developers and investors tools to identify opportunities. With this first-of-its-kind capability, Gridics will deliver Cupertino a new and improved zoning map with in-depth parcel-level data combined with the ability to directly update and publish zoning code text in real time, all in one place.

Cupertino strives to provide transparent and intuitive solutions that enhance the ability of Cupertino community and staff to make data-driven decisions based on real-time data. Partnering with Gridics is another step forward in this effort,” says Bill Mitchell, Cupertino’s Chief Technology Officer.

As a complement to its technology offering, Gridics urban planners and architects will assist Cupertino staff as they conduct zoning code amendments and model the real-time impact of zoning changes on development potential. The combination of Gridics’ patented 3D scenario analysis engine and tech-enabled professional services proves to be a natural fit for municipalities like Cupertino that are looking for ways to drive efficiency and deliver world-class citizen services.

“We are excited to add the City of Cupertino to the growing list of municipalities upgrading their citizen services and technology by adopting our platform, but more importantly, we look forward to partnering with City staff to help create a stronger Cupertino for the future,” says Jason Doyle, CEO of Gridics. “Zoning plays a foundational role in how our communities are molded over time. By delivering cities & counties tools and data that make zoning easier to understand, we are doing our part to make cities and communities better places to live, work, and play.”

About Gridics: Gridics develops real estate data and software applications in the area of zoning analysis and interpretation, scenario planning, site-selection, and urban planning professional services. For more information, visit

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