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Validated & Trusted by Municipal Governments

Gridics is the only parcel zoning data provider trusted by municipalities large & small. The breadth, depth, & accuracy of our data is unrivaled.

The Data You Need, All in One Place

Integrate with the Gridics Zoning Data API to access proprietary parcel-level data.

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Access Zoning Data Points

Pull in site-specific building capacity, parcel characteristics, & more

Supercharge Your Apps

Bolster your real estate apps with previously unattainable data points

Save Time & Money

Save countless hours on zoning research & make more informed decisions

Parcel-Level Development Capacity Data at Your Fingertips

Proprietary Zoning Data

Leverage the real estate industry’s most advanced dataset

Rest API

Connect our flexible API, used to power any internal or external app

Pay-Per Use

Count on a low, predictable rate per API call

Efficient Calculations

Rely on our engine capable of calculating 10,000 parcels per hour

Supercharged Apps

Take your apps to the next level with industry-leading data & insights

Parcel-Specific Values

Pull data at a property, assemblage, or entire neighborhood level

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Use our flexible real estate API to link to any internal or external application

PropZone Scores

Include PropZone redevelopment scores to highlight untapped potential

Calculated Zoning Allowances

Understand by-right zoned development capacity for parcels & assemblages

Lot Attributes

Analyze parcel attributes such as frontage length & lot type (corner, interior, etc.

Basic Zoning

Pull overlays, allowed uses, FEMA Flood Zones, parking, setbacks, & more

Detailed Zoning

Incorporate parcel-specific values calculated by the Gridics zoning engine