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The Underline: Incentives for Pedestrian Friendly Frontages

Published: May 2, 2019

The Underline is a 5+ mile proposed linear park underneath the Miami Metrorail elevated tracks with multiple properties abutting the project. Current zoning regulations treat these frontages as alleys/backside, with little pedestrian interaction. The goal of the Underline is to activate this dormant urban space and encourage pedestrian friendly development and active uses along the dense corridor.

Use of ZoneIQ

The Underline and the City of Miami engaged Gridics and its ZoneIQ platform to quickly understand the development impact of proposed setback changes along properties fronting the Metrorail path. Small changes were tested and proposed to encourage development of active uses along the park, to mitigate loss of development potential due to new setbacks, and provide incentives to property owners that ensure their support of the project.


The Underline is partially funded and construction is underway. Proposed zoning changes are currently moving through the local legislature.

Professional Services
Municipal: Thoroughfare Study
Urban Planning
Miami, Florida
Property Count
Area Size
5 Linear Miles
ZoneIQ helped us facilitate the conversation between property owners and city officials regarding the potential changes of over 200 properties fronting the proposed Underline project.
Meg Daly