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Rezoning: Proposing & Modeling Zoning Code Changes for a Growing Suburban Municipality

Published: January 15, 2020

The Village of Port Chester, NY commissioned this study to analyze its existing zoning code, propose modifications, understand potential growth, and visualize as-of-right development allowances. Port Chester has experienced a boom in commercial and residential real estate over the past few years. Amending its zoning code was the next step in encouraging high-density development around the train station and waterfront.

Use of ZoneIQ

From viewing max build-out to manipulating code changes, running future growth scenarios, and illustrating amendments for municipal stakeholders, all data models were generated using the proprietary Gridics 3D zoning management engine.


The Village of Port Chester approved and adopted the code changes proposed through this study and continues using our models to illustrate zoning changes in 3D. Our software facilitated the public engagement process through better visualization and transparency.


Professional Services
Rezoning Study
Property Count
Area Size
2 mile downtown corridor
The Gridics 3D zoning code software helped us write, test, & visualize our new zoning code. We were able to visualize all parcels within the Village that were underutilized under the new proposed zoning regulations, & we were able to make adjustments prior to adoption of the new zoning code so that all parcels within the Village were able to respond properly to market conditions & be fully developed “by right”. This will help streamline the approval process, & we anticipate will effectively cut down on the number of variance and zoning map change/amendment requests.
Eric Zamft
Planning Director, Village of Port Chester