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Gridics Product Spotlight – ZoneCheck: City of Hollywood, FL

Published: May 20, 2022


ZoneCheck is a user-friendly address and parcel search tool that makes it easy for citizens and staff to quickly access parcel-specific zoning data on any device. Search any address/folio in a calibrated municipality and ZoneCheck displays up to 30+ attributes including allowed uses, setbacks, overlays, density, and more.

As part of the Gridics platform, ZoneCheck integrates seamlessly with code text publishing and zoning maps, allowing users to easily navigate to the text/map and ensuring a municipality’s online zoning resources are always up-to-date.


It’s no secret zoning in any municipality is complicated for citizens and developers to understand. With hundreds of pages of regulations, overlays, permits, and special districts governing the use of each parcel, it’s no wonder planning departments are inundated with thousands of questions each year. Hollywood staff has long been overwhelmed with questions like, “What can I build on this parcel?” and “What are the allowed uses for this site?”

These citizen inquiries bog-down staff members who otherwise could be focused on higher-value projects. In addition, the quality of citizen service and information transparency often declines as a municipality grows and more questions arise.


Gridics developed ZoneCheck to make it simple for citizens, developers, and stakeholders to access the data they need for any parcel in a given city. Just one address search in ZoneCheck yields 30+ data points specific to that site (allowed uses, lot size, existing building area, maximum footprint, and more). By adopting ZoneCheck, Hollywood has decreased zoning inquiries by 60% and improved staff efficiency, all while providing a higher level of service to citizens, increasing transparency, and delivering a next-generation technology solution.

ZoneCheck delivers value to the City of Hollywood by:
  • Decreasing front counter zoning inquiries
  • Improving zoning transparency
  • Giving staff and citizens access to robust zoning data on any device at any time
  • Bolstering “Smart City” initiatives and virtualization
  • Streamlining staff efficiency and reducing zoning management expenses
  • Encouraging development by making it easy to understand parcel-specific regulations
  • Integrating zoning information across text, maps, and citizen self-service tools


ZoneCheck takes the hassle out of zoning management. One tool, accessible on any device, saves staff hundreds of hours each year and gives the private sector on-demand access to the most advanced zoning data available. Gridics can digitize your municipal zoning and launch your custom ZoneCheck portal in as little as 6 weeks for a fraction of the cost of alternatives

For more information, please visit or contact to schedule a quick, no-pressure demo.

“These new Gridics tools allow Hollywood users to easily and quickly see the City landscape and the options available to them for building and development. The technology is very powerful and provides a quick view and searchable, integrated options for a fast and easy user experience. We’re excited to be able to offer these tools to our Hollywood customers.”

-Raelin Story, Economic Development Director, City of Hollywood


A virtual zoning front counter that addresses citizen inquiries
  • Give citizens the power to answer their own zoning questions with a simple self-help portal
  • Access parcel-specific data anytime, from any device with just 2 clicks