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Gridics Product Spotlight – CodeHUB: City of Miami, FL

Published: May 20, 2022


CodeHUB is a real-time code text publishing application that gives users the ability to collaborate on and publish zoning code changes in seconds.

As part of the Gridics platform, CodeHUB integrates seamlessly with zoning maps and citizen self-service tools to ensure a municipality’s online zoning resources are always up-to-date.


Making changes to the City of Miami’s static PDF zoning code documents was a painstaking, months-long process for staff prior to adopting CodeHUB. Each time a code text amendment was approved by Commission, staff had to dig through hundreds of pages in a cumbersome editing application, make the necessary changes, re-export the PDF, re-upload to the website, and resend the revised files to stakeholders across the City.

Not only was Miami’s code text process inefficient, but it also led to confusion and plan review errors because staff, citizens, developers, and stakeholders were using outdated documents from various sources.


In collaboration with the City of Miami’s Planning and Zoning Departments, Gridics built and implemented the CodeHUB platform to make code publishing a breeze. Zoning code changes that used to take staff months to finalize are now live in seconds across text, maps, and citizen self-service tools. On an annual basis, over 60,000 users now visit Miami’s CodeHUB instance for quick access to zoning information.

CodeHUB delivers value to the City of Miami by:
  • Saving staff months of work each year
  • Eliminating plan review errors
  • Ensuring citizens, staff, and developers always have access to the most current zoning resources
  • Integrating zoning information across text, maps, and citizen self-service tools
  • Reducing zoning management expenses
  • Making it easy to embed tables, charts, and graphics within code text documents


Does your city/county have hundreds or even thousands of pages of zoning code text? No problem! Our team can digitize your code text in as little as 4 weeks, all while reducing your zoning management expenses. Not to mention our team of Planners and GIS experts can keep your code updated on your behalf. Just send approved changes over to us, and we’ll push updates live for you.

For more information, please visit or contact to schedule a quick, no-pressure demo.

“The City of Miami is proud to partner with the professional team at Gridics to improve the way we serve our community through the use of CodeHUB technology. As a local startup, they understood our goals and challenges from the very outset and worked closely with our staff to bring this project to a successful conclusion.”

-Francis Suarez, Mayor, City of Miami


A centralized zoning management portal for the 21st century
  • Collaborate on & publish code text changes in seconds, not months
  • Seamlessly integrate all aspects of zoning code management in one place