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Florida Cities Turn to Gridics to Digitize Parcel-Level Zoning & Housing Data

Gridics’ Municipal Zoning Platform Enables Citizen Self-Service, Smarter Planning

For Immediate Release: March 10, 2021

Miami, FL – Gridics LLC, a Miami, FL, based technology company, is revolutionizing zoning, housing and development capacity analysis with its patented zoning calculation engine, providing cities with detailed zoning data for every parcel. Using the Gridics platform, staff and citizens gain remote access to the data via a unified zoning portal which combines property search tools, code text publishing and a robust 3D zoning map. Since the launch of its Municipal Zoning Platform less than two years ago, Gridics has been adopted by numerous Florida cities of all sizes and with varying levels of complexity in zoning, including Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

The City of Miami recently expanded its Gridics partnership with the addition of its new Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan hosted on the Gridics platform. “Our partnership with Gridics has been outstanding, and through the [Gridics Municipal Zoning] platform, we’re providing innovative new tools to the public, while increasing process efficiency and reducing costs,” said Mike Sarasti, the City of Miami’s Chief Information Officer and Director of DoIT.

Their most recent addition, the City of Hollywood, FL, is the second largest city in Broward County. The Gridics platform aims to make it easier for residents, investors and developers to do business and interact with the city to get the information they need as efficiently as possible. “These new tools developed by Gridics allow Hollywood users to easily and quickly see the City landscape and the options available to them for building and development,” says Raelin Storey, City of Hollywood Director of Communications, Marketing and Economic Development.

The City of Miami Beach, FL, recently announced the start of a zoning code rewrite and turned to the Gridics platform to visualize their existing code in 3D via the Gridics MuniMap to be able to make it easier to visually convey to citizens and stakeholders the proposed code changes while improving citizen information access in the meantime. “Gridics developed cutting edge technology that facilitates analysis of a city’s zoning ordinance and allows for the visualization of changes in a built environment,” says Carmen Sanchez, Deputy Planning Director, Miami Beach.

In addition to the larger Florida cities above, Gridics has also been adopted by Coral Gables, North Miami, Winter Haven and Bal Harbour Village. “It was important to us to ensure we could service cities large and small. We’ve designed and built a next generation online zoning information platform that is affordable and easy to implement,” says Doyle.

“Our mission is to help build better cities and we’re doing that by arming cities with in-depth zoning and development capacity data for every parcel in their city for the first time ever,” says Jason Doyle, CEO of Gridics. “The old way to determine how zoning applies to a specific property requires citizens and developers to read through the zoning text and try to figure out how the various rules apply to their property. Most give up and contact city staff. We bridged that gap with our technology, making it easier for developers and citizens to get the zoning data they need via self-service apps, freeing up resource constrained staff. Without a zoning property record database for every parcel in your city, it’s like needing to ask for directions to go anywhere versus using the GPS map on your smartphone,” says Doyle.

About Gridics: Gridics provides real estate data and software applications for cities and counties in the area of zoning and economic development. For more information, visit

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