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Fourth Largest City in Indiana Adopts the Gridics Municipal Zoning Platform

Municipalities large and small are turning to the Gridics platform to facilitate transparent development regulations, provide click-button, comprehensive real estate data, and help municipal staff conduct business safely through online services.

For Immediate Release: June 8, 2022

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Carmel, IN — Gridics LLC announced a partnership with the City of Carmel, Indiana, the fourth largest city in the state, to adopt its next generation municipal zoning technology platform. By partnering with Gridics, Carmel will drive transparency for both regular citizens and developers by making it easier to access and interpret zoning knowledge for every parcel in the city.

The Gridics municipal zoning platform is the first of its kind to combine regulations broadly outlined in the zoning text with property records, parcel shapes and geo-spatial analytics to output parcel-specific development potential and zoning allowance data such as density, buildable capacity, uses, setbacks, heights and other dimensional requirements at the parcel specific level. Gridics will deliver Carmel a new zoning map with an array of tools and parcel data with an integrated zoning text publishing website to help staff streamline processes and better service citizens.

“By adopting Gridics, the City of Carmel was instantly able to bring to life our static PDF ordinance material in combination with our GIS zoning layers, making both more accessible and convenient to use. Carmel residents and investors in our community will benefit from the user-friendly Gridics web interface and ease of access to zoning and other GIS data,” says Mike Hollibaugh, Director of Community Services for the City of Carmel.

As a complement to its technology offering, Gridics urban planners and architects will assist Carmel staff as they conduct zoning code amendments and model the real-time impact of zoning changes on development potential. The combination of Gridics’ patented 3D scenario analysis technology and urban planning professional services proves to be a natural fit for municipalities like Carmel that are looking for ways to drive efficiency and deliver world-class citizen services.

“We are thrilled to add the City of Carmel to the Gridics platform and family of municipal customers. As the first city in Indiana to adopt our platform, the Gridics platform has now been adopted by municipalities in more than 10 states since launching a few years ago,” says Jason Doyle, CEO of Gridics. “More importantly, we look forward to arming the Carmel staff and local developers with deep parcel-level data to make it easier to do their jobs and understand how zoning applies to each parcel throughout the city.”

About Gridics: Gridics develops real estate data and software applications in the area of zoning analysis and interpretation, scenario planning, site-selection and urban planning professional services. For more information, visit

Gridics muni platform overview image for Carmel, IN

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