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Collaborate on, manage, & publish zoning code text changes in seconds, not weeks

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Seamlessly integrate interactive 3D maps showing zoned development potential

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Provide self-service portals to reduce front counter citizen inquiries by 10x

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Take Complete Control of Your Public-Facing Zoning Code

Say goodbye to static zoning code documents, weeks of waiting to publish code changes, & hundreds of citizen zoning questions each month. With Gridics, code changes are pushed live across text, maps, & self-service tools with just a few clicks.

Save Time, Reduce Expenses, & Better Serve Citizens With Gridics

Calculated 3D Development Potential

Calculated 3D Development Potential

Visualize zoned built-out in 3D using Gridics' patented zoning engine



Store previous code versions & revert back with a few clicks

Existing 3D Building Visualizations

Existing 3D Building Visualizations

Visualize existing buildings in 3D to provide real context

Full Text & Media Editor

Full Text & Media Editor

Modify code with our powerful text editor & easily add images, tables, & more

Integrated Cloud Zoning

Integrated Cloud Zoning

Centralize all aspects of zoning management in one online platform

Savable Bookmarks

Savable Bookmarks

Save a chapter, section, or specific sentence for future reference

Much More Than a Code Repository

Gridics brings zoning management into the 21st century with interactive maps & parcel-specific data.

The best part? Code updates are made with just a few clicks.

Trusted by Zoning Leaders

Since 2015, we’ve helped top municipalities & companies worldwide get more out of their zoning data.

Hear From Our Partners

Working with Gridics has been a delightful experience. I find their team of experts to be knowledgeable, professional, and very accessible. Their digital zoning platform has radically enhanced our public engagement and helped the city deliver real-time zoning updates and data to investors, developers and citizens.

Gridics has developed cutting edge technology that facilitates analysis of a city’s zoning ordinance and allows for the visualization of changes in a built environment. The technology provides transparency to the public as the community and elected officials consider the benefits and impacts of proposed projects. Additionally, having zoning text and zoning map integrated allows the city to update its zoning ordinance quickly and efficiently.

The City of Miami is proud to partner with the professional team at Gridics to improve the way we serve our community through the use of CodeHUB technology. As a local startup, they understood our goals and challenges from the very outset and worked closely with our staff to bring this project to a successful conclusion.

Our partnership with Gridics is an example of the innovative investments we are making to improve services for our neighbors. The Gridics platform will provide staff with the data they need to make more informed and more efficient development decisions so together we can make Fort Lauderdale an even better place to live, work, play and raise a family.

Our partnership with Gridics has been outstanding, and through the CodeHUB platform, we’re providing innovative new tools to the public, while increasing process efficiency and reducing costs.