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Using Our Calculated Data to Address the Affordable Housing Crisis

A look at how Gridics’ proprietary zoning technology helps municipalities calculate and visualize the impact of policy changes on housing capacity in real-time 3D

To view our full affordable housing report, please click here.

Background: The Affordable Housing Crisis

Municipalities across the US are grappling with a systemic problem that is worsening by the day: a lack of affordable housing

Rents have dramatically outpaced wages for the last decade, which has led to cost-burdened households in cities across the country. The affordable housing crisis is not new, though it is being exacerbated by the global pandemic, economic instability, inequality, policy decisions, rising construction costs, and a lack of transportation infrastructure.

For most municipal governments, addressing affordable housing begins with an understanding of the problem… Unfortunately, city officials don’t know where to begin.

Officials are going around in circles trying to answer questions such as:

• Are my city’s zoning ordinances too restrictive?
• Are my city’s regulations and processes not development-friendly?
• How is transportation making the crisis worse?
• What role do labor and material costs play in encouraging/limiting development?

How Gridics Addresses the Affordable Housing Crisis

Gridics has helped municipalities large & small analyze housing data, model the implications of each variable in 3D, and provide data-driven insights for policy recommendations.

Our technology and services encompass 5 areas:

1) Deep Urban Planning Experience
Examining ordinances with our team of experts who have written codes around the world

2) GIS Analysis
Applying rich GIS capabilities at the parcel, block, and entire city level

3) Parcel Scoring Model and 3D Visualization
Leveraging our patented technology to visualize citywide development capacity

4) Scenario Planning and Forecasting
Understanding the timeline and effect each variable has on affordable housing supply

5) Data-Driven Decision Making
Providing insights for policy recommendations based on 3D scenario analysis and capacity calculations

Getting Started With Gridics for Your Municipality

For more information about Gridics or to speak with our team, please contact

To view our full affordable housing report, please click here.

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5 ways gridics addresses the affordable housing crisis
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