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Lone Chimney by the Bay Needs a Home and $295,000 to Make it Whole Again

According to the listing agent, Brian Carter with Douglas Elliman, there was once a house on this leafy, sunny plot of land, on a quiet street in an historic neighborhood by Biscayne Bay. Did the old wooden house burn down, leaving the chimney the only thing left standing, before it was put on the market for $295,000?

No, actually, the previous owners tore it down, despite the historic value, and yet for some reason the chimney’s still here. Moving forward, designs for a new 2-story, wooden vernacular bungalow are in process with the City of Miami Historic Preservation Board, with wrap around porch and old Miami charm. Unfortunately it will actually be brand new Miami. More unfortunately the old house was probably built of that great old wood, legendary for its strength and its present-day rarity, Dade County Pine.

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