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City of Hollywood Adds Gridics 3D Interactive Zoning Map and Additional Tools to Optimize User Experience

The City of Hollywood has launched the Gridics 3D zoning map, text and property data platform. This new online tool brings simplicity, transparency and efficiency for City planners, residents, developers and those trying to research the City’s zoning code and development regulations. The new tool helps in three ways.

  • First, a 3D interactive map with zoning code allows users to visualize the buildable capacity of every parcel in the City as allowed by zoning. The interactive map combines a wide range of data layers for a more complete understanding of the parcel. The tool also enables publishing code text changes in real-time.
  • Second, the online property lookup tool delivers deep, parcel-specific zoning data to help users get the answers they need.
  • Third, the City’s Code of Ordinances and Zoning and Land Development Code have been digitized into an easily searchable tool.

The Gridics platform aims to make it easier for residents, investors and developers to do business and interact with the City and get the information they need as efficiently as possible. “These new tools developed by Gridics allow Hollywood users to easily and quickly see the City landscape and the options available to them for building and development,” says Raelin Storey, City of Hollywood Director of Communications, Marketing and Economic Development.

“The technology is very powerful and provides a quick view and searchable, integrated options for a fast and easy user experience,” says Shiv Newaldass, Director of Development Services for the City of Hollywood. “We’re are extremely excited to be able to offer these tools to our customers.”

The City’s Code of Ordinances and Zoning and Land Development Code have also been converted into an easily searchable tool for customers’ ease of use.

Start using the interactive suite of tools today.

About Gridics: Gridics develops real estate data and software applications in the area of zoning analysis and interpretation, scenario planning, site-selection and urban planning professional services. For more information, visit

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