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Gridics Expands Municipal Zoning Platform with the Launch of CodeHUB

Miami, FLGridics LLC, recently recognized as a GovTech100 company, today announced the expansion of its municipal zoning and planning platform with the addition of the first ever unified code text publishing and 3D zoning map product called CodeHUB.

Cities adopting CodeHUB will, for the first time ever, be able to self-publish their zoning code changes in real-time and deliver to citizens an easy to use zoning map with property lookup, and 3D visualization capabilities.  The combination of the two within a single public website application allows for the delivery of a more contextual end user experience at the property specific level while improving public transparency.  With the addition of the CodeHUB product, Gridics now delivers the only true comprehensive zoning management platform for cities.

Gridics launched its municipal zoning platform in 2017 with the unveiling of the first ever 3D planning and zoning software, ZoneIQ.  Targeted to city planners, ZoneIQ allows city staff to generate 3D massing visualizations, as regulated by zoning, of selected parcels with a few clicks.  They quickly saw adoption by cities large and small including Miami, FL and Cupertino, CA and more recently secured a pilot with the planning department of the nation’s largest city, New York.

“As we began to help city planning staff visualize and interpret their ordinance for tasks like testing zoning changes and checking plans for compliance, we observed staff spending a lot of time fielding zoning questions from citizens,” explained Jason Doyle, CEO of Gridics.  “We determined that nearly every city is spending valuable staff resources reacting to questions from citizens either because their current method of publishing their code text is outdated or because the zoning map doesn’t tell them how the written rules apply to their specific parcel.  This makes it harder for citizens and businesses to work with cities and creates a costly domino effect on city resources.  It quickly became clear we were uniquely positioned to solve this problem by extending our site-specific zoning calculation capabilities to citizens by creating the first ever 3D zoning map and code text publication website that cities can update in real-time.  By adding CodeHUB to ZoneIQ, cities now have a truly unified digitized zoning platform that improves staff productivity, helps commissioners make more informed decisions and significantly improves citizen transparency.”

After announcing CodeHUB in late 2018 to select cities, Gridics secured adoption by four Florida cities and is now opening up the service nationwide.  According to a recent survey of 602 cities by leading Planning website Planetizen, of the 85% of cities are publishing their text online, 33% publish a PDF document of the code while 42% use a third party online publishing service and just 58% provide an online property lookup map.

“None of the current solutions in use by cities bridge the gap between text, map and city staff on a single platform,” says Doyle.  “We are aiming to push innovation into zoning on all levels and it starts with simplifying processes by unifying disparate information sources.”

To learn about the Gridics Municipal Planning and Zoning Platform, please visit

About Gridics:  Headquartered in Miami, FL, Gridics develops targeted software applications for municipalities and real estate professionals in the areas of data, planning, zoning and permitting.

Gridics Fort Lauderdale 3D zoning map
Gridics CodeHUB zoning code text platform
Gridics Fort Lauderdale zoning map search

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