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Eclectic Floridian Bungalow on San Marino Island is Looking for $6.45 Million

There’s a famous old real estate saying, ‘Buy land, they’re not making any more of it.’ However true or not this may actually be, replace ‘land’ with ‘single family houses in Miami’ and you’re in the money. Miami has run out of room for single family homes, condos dominate the residential real estate market by a long shot, and a good one, especially with character, history, and flair, is priceless.

A really great, classic Miamian house from the earlier decades of the 20th century, beautifully restored, and tintilatingly decorated with eclectic modern art, and modern and vintage interiors, is on the market for $6.45 million. Located at 251 E. San Marino Drive, the house’s relatively modest 3,000 square feet-or-so size puts the house at risk of being replaced by one much larger, which is almost the norm in Miami Beach these days. It comes with sunny green shutters, bright living areas, a fabulous pool patio, a curving staircase, a fireplace, and even an original pink tile bathroom with a flamingo theme.

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