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City of Miami to Adopt World’s First 3D Zoning Code Platform

For Immediate Release:  May 1, 2017

Miami, FLGridics LLC, a Miami-based real estate tech startup, today announced a partnership with the City of Miami to use its software application across the city’s planning, zoning, and development functions.  The partnership will support the City of Miami’s efforts for improved delivery of services and enhanced analysis of permit applications.  The Gridics application is the first interactive digital zoning software of its kind and is changing the way cities manage and interact with their zoning codes.

Francisco J. Garcia, Director of Planning & Zoning for the City of Miami, says, “Gridics’ alignment with Miami 21’s innovative approaches will facilitate the analysis of the regulatory framework to properly plan growth and align it with the best interest of the public.  It will also improve our team’s efficiency and provide quality control to the review process.  We are confident this is a step in the right direction to elevate the city’s delivery of services.”

At its core, a proprietary rules-engine integrates all the regulations and variables of a zoning code with property records and parcels to allow users to create potential development scenarios in 3D on a map interface.  It is designed to integrate with any city’s zoning code to allow the city to expedite development plan reviews, conduct real-time 3D development scenarios and visually test proposed zoning code changes.

Founded by three University of Miami graduate students with backgrounds ranging from urban planning and architecture to real estate tech and engineering, Gridics is focused on developing innovative solutions to complex, data-driven problems in the world of real estate.  “With our technology, we have solved the complex puzzle of dependent rules that has made it so difficult to turn a city’s zoning code into an interactive experience to help drive smarter planning and zoning approval processes.  Every city can now take a leap forward in their approach to zoning and planning while strengthening their transparency and communication with private citizens, particularly those in the development community that become Gridics users as well,” says CEO Jason Doyle.

As a leading advocate for open data and civic tech, Mike Sarasti, the City of Miami’s Chief Innovation Officer, explains, “Our city leadership is committed to leveraging technology and finding local partners to solve some of our biggest challenges.  Zoning and planning decisions have an enormous effect on the quality of life in the City of Miami, particularly at this time where we’re experiencing so much growth.  Gridics, homegrown right in our community, understands this, making them an ideal collaborator as work to innovate City processes.

Gridics is quickly expanding to other municipalities around the US.  To learn more about the platform, head over to

About Gridics:

Headquartered in Miami, FL, Gridics is a technology company developing software as a service (SaaS) products for the real estate marketplace including their digital zoning platform and hyper-local platform for agents and brokers,

For more information, visit or

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