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100 People Joined Our Session Last Week! Next Webinar – Tues, June 27th

With over 100 city officials, planners, architects, developers, land use attorneys, and commercial brokers joining our last webinar, we decided it was time to schedule our next session!

A few months ago, the City of Miami became the first global municipality to incorporate a site-specific and digitized zoning code software into their workflow.  We’re confident your organization can become just as efficient, and we want to show you how.  The future of 3D zoning and planning is here.

Join us on Tuesday, June 27th at 10am OR 1pm EDT for a free 30 min. webinar:

We’ll be giving you a behind the scenes look at the Gridics 3D zoning management platform and covering valuable topics including how to:

  • Conduct faster & more accurate development plan reviews
  • Visualize 3D zoning capacity in real time
  • Test new zoning scenarios to improve development patterns
  • Improve transparency with the public

See you on Tuesday!

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